Welcome to our website, Special Fingers was created in Febuary 2010, and is dedicated to my son George, who was born with amniotic band syndrome (ABS).


This website is still in the early stages of development. For information and updates about this website, click on the updates link.


My name is Joanne, I am a mum of 2 from Warrington, Cheshire, UK. I live with my fiancés Richard, my son Geogre and my daughter Phoebe.

My first experience with Amniotic Band Syndrome was on the 1st August 2003, the day my beautiful son George was born, when I held him for the very first time and went to hold his tiny hands, I realised they didnt look 'normal'.

Im hoping by starting this website,  that I can not only raise awareness about ABS, but can try to make other people living with ABS realise that they are not the only ones.